Welcome Them as Friends

quiver sunrise

by Nancy Patten Dad often used J.B.Phillip’s New Testament translation when he taught and preached. It seems that this passage from James 1 well describes challenging times and how we should respond to them: “When all kinds of trials and temptations crowd into your lives, my brothers, don’t resent them as intruders, but welcome them … Read more

Who Holds the Reins?

sleigh ride

Sometimes the circumstances around us can make us feel that everything is out of control. That is the place where our adversary, the devil,  steps in to grip us with fear. The circumstances in this nation—Covid-19, and now the rioting, demonstrations and violence—may appear to be hurtling out of control. But we have to remember … Read more

The J-Stroke for Course Correction

canoe & paddle

By Nancy Patten Mark had such a gift to use visible things to help illustrate the ways of God. I remember a message he shared at the chapel one summer that was refreshed to me yesterday.  He had a paddle in his hands and was sharing about how the “j-stroke” in paddling a canoe was … Read more

Renewing the Song Within Me

mark's guitar

By Nancy Patten Since God took Mark home to be with Him, I have felt that my song within me has been affected. My 46 years with him were filled with singing with him…worshiping the Lord together. I felt that I had lost my “partner” in so many things, but most of all in singing. … Read more