Okontoe’s Own Mini Canoe Trip to Shoko Lake

Want a mini canoe trip right from Okontoe’s canoe launch? We have access to three small lakes that are linked by short portages. Part of your stay at Okontoe includes free use of our canoes. One of the activities our guests love to do is paddle over to Shoko Lake to fish, swim or simply … Read more

The Restful Missionary

Two people sitting around campfire

Okontoe seeks to be a place of rest for everyone, but we especially want to be a refuge for people in ministry. But rest can be hard—especially for missionaries and pastors. So we asked Diane Williams to share some insights with us. Diane works with Youth With a Mission to provide Member Care for missionary … Read more

5 Great Books to Read During Your Stay at Okontoe

Books on shelves

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do on my day off is just sitting in my hammock next to the lake and reading. Books are entertaining, but they can also educate, inspire, and restore your heart and mind for everyday life. They are a way to rest, which is … Read more

God’s Heart for Rest

pine tree in winter with sunset

Rest is a central theme here at Okontoe. We exist to provide a place for families to rest and be restored. But what does it really mean to rest? Here are a few insights from some of our staff. Consistency of Rest – Ben What has God been teaching you about rest lately? During busy … Read more

7 Tips for Battling the Bugs

Summer at Okontoe is beautiful, and it brings faithful visitors every year. Our most faithful visitors, though, are the ones we want to get rid of the most—bugs. But don’t worry—you can beat them! Here are some ways to fight the bugs during your stay at Okontoe! 1. Wear Protective Clothing Wear loose-fitting clothes that … Read more